Medical abortion on the Levoberezhnaya in Kiev

медикаментозный аборт

Medical abortion – non-surgical method of artificial respiration. Abortions of pregnancy based on the use of special medications (in tablets). It is performed exclusively in the early stages of pregnancy (up to 6-7 weeks), and does not require any surgical manipulations. Pill abortion is very popular in Europe, and in particular in Ukraine. It is recognized by leading doctors, specialists and specialized medical institutions as a highly effective and safe type of abortion with minimal risk of complications.

Under the influence of drugs (mifepristone, misoprostol, etc.), the fetal egg is detached from the walls of the uterine cavity and its subsequent removal from the body. The help of a surgeon is not required at any stage, with the exception of rare cases of ineffectiveness of medical support (continuing pregnancy), when the termination is completed surgically. However, the risk of complications and failure of the method is about 0.1-2.6%. There is evidence that this method works at a later date, but its effectiveness is lower.

95-98% — this percentage of efficiency has medical abortion. Kiev – one of those cities in Ukraine where the drug method is widely used and actively used. In the capital’s clinic «Ginultramed» pharmaceutical abortion is performed according to all the rules, in compliance with high medical and ethical standards. Here you can have no doubts about the quality of medical products, in a comfortable atmosphere, with respect for the secrecy of the event.

Medical abortion — benefits

Tablet termination of pregnancy has been chosen incomparably more frequently over the past decade than surgical operation. Judging by the reviews, women prefer medabort because of the following advantages:

  • high percentage of effectiveness
  • low risk of complications
  • no instrumental penetration
  • ensuring the secrecy of the procedure (you do not need a sick leave, and the woman will have to stay in the hospital for a minimum of time)
  • no anesthesia, etc.

How does a medical abortion take place in the clinic «Ginultramed»?

Medical termination of pregnancy occurs in several stages:

  1. Preparatory stage. A consultation conversation is conducted between a Ginultramed employee and a patient. Ultrasound is performed to establish two points: the duration of pregnancy and the fact of pregnancy in the uterus. The latter circumstance is important: in an ectopic pregnancy, pharmacopoeia is ineffective. A number of blood tests are taken: for Rh factor, blood type, Wasserman reaction. It is also necessary to take a smear on the flora. It is important to note that the process of termination of pregnancy is started only after the clinic patient documents her consent to the termination of pregnancy medical termination of pregnancy (a contract is signed).
  2. The first pill intake. If no contraindications are found as a result of the tests performed, the first dose of a special drug is taken – as a rule, this is Mifepristone. Two hours before and after taking the pills, you can not eat. It is important not to pull out the drug, otherwise the effect will be lost. In the first 48 hours, dizziness, mild malaise, the appearance of pulling pains in the lower abdomen and weak discharge may occur, but in many cases there are no side effects.
  3. Second pill intake. Occurs 48 hours after the first visit to the clinic. This time, the patient takes a drug (from the prostaglandin group) that contracts the uterus so that the fetal egg is removed from it. After taking prostaglandins, the patient remains in the clinic so that doctors can monitor the course of the abortion and quickly take measures to eliminate side effects. Pain, chills, fever, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding may occur. Employees of «GinUltraMed» make sure that you feel a minimum of any unpleasant, negative feelings. At this stage, the main part of the medical abortion is completed.
  4. Final routine check-up. 10-14 days after the last pill intake, the patient needs to visit the clinic to carry out important preventive measures. The inspection is mandatory even in the absence of complaints and concerns. There is always a risk of developing infectious inflammation and other complications-yes, even with the tablet method. But complications develop only in cases where there was an incomplete termination of pregnancy, and if the woman ignored the final examination and consultation. Remember, if you follow the doctor’s recommendations, there will be no complications after the medical abortion. If the examination confirms the success of the operation, the procedure can be considered completely completed.


Recommendations and restrictions for medabort

  1. Do not «self-medicate»: do not take special medications without the supervision and supervision of a doctor.
  2. It is forbidden to drink alcohol from the beginning to the end of the procedure.
  3. Avoid heavy physical activity.
  4. Do not use the sauna, sauna, or swimming pool.
  5. It is recommended not to live a sexual life until the final examination.
  6. Stay within Kiev to be able to contact and visit your doctor at any time.
  7. If you have any side effects that worry you, call your doctor from «Ginultramed» — the necessary measures will be taken in a timely manner to eliminate them.


Medical abortion in the Kiev clinic «Ginultramed» — the advantages of our institution

  1. Professional staff and extensive practical experience
  2. Availability of all certificates and permits for conducting procedures
  3. Individual approach and attention to each patient
  4. Reasonable cost (The price of the procedure includes consultations, tests and medications. Ultrasound diagnostics are paid separately).
  5. Convenient location (the clinic is located on R. Okipnaya street, 4 in the area of the metro station Levoberezhnaya).


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Prices for all types of abortion in Kiev

Small operations
1. Vacuum regulation of the menstrual cycle with general anesthesia (for up to 10 weeks. in women who gave birth) 3000 UAH
2. Vacuum regulation of the menstrual cycle with general anesthesia in the period of 10-12 weeks.for those who gave birth, as well as for those who did not give birth in the period of 4-10 weeks 3300 UAH
3. Vacuum regulation of the menstrual cycle with general anesthesia in the period of 10-12 weeks. in women who gave birth and did not give birth with abnormal development of the uterus, uterine leiomyomas, uterine scar after cesarean section 3800-4000 UAH
4. Medical termination of pregnancy in the period of 3-6 weeks 3200 UAH
5. Separate diagnostic curettage of the uterine cavity and the cervical canal with general intravenous anesthesia 3000 UAH
6. Cone-shaped excision of the cervix with general intravenous anesthesia 3000 UAH
7. Cone-shaped excision of the cervix with separate diagnostic curettage of the uterine cavity and the cervical canal with general intravenous anesthesia 3300 UAH