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Medical gynecological center "Ginultramed"

Medical center "Ginultramed" has existed since 1995 and during this time has established itself as a highly professional and reliable private medical institution working in the field of obstetrics, gynecology, ultrasound diagnostics and breast pathology. In terms of price-quality ratio, our clinic can be considered the optimal choice for women with various problems of the female genital area, pathology of pregnancy, in need of the selection of contraceptives, gynecological operations, prenatal diagnostics with a high risk of having children with chromosomal diseases and in many other cases. Since 2013, the medical center "GinUltraMed" has the highest accreditation category of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The clinic consults highly qualified specialists with the highest or first category, candidates of medical sciences, associate professors of medical universities, who have at least 15-20 years of practical work experience, who are proficient in all modern diagnostic methods, including Doppler research in obstetrics, non-invasive methods (so-called . "genetic" ultrasound) of prenatal diagnostics, thanks to which it is possible in the early stages to identify severe hereditary diseases and fetal defects (for example, Down's disease).

The clinic's specialists carry out various gynecological operations for tumors and ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and preference is given to the so-called organ-preserving operations (conservative plastic), in which the organ itself (uterus, ovaries) and its function are preserved, with the subsequent possibility of pregnancy and childbirth.

Thanks to modern equipment (R-150 radio scalpel), the clinic conducts careful surgical treatment of the pathology of the cervix in case of its deformities or precancerous diseases (dysplasias).

Many private and public medical institutions in Kiev and the Kiev region send "difficult" patients to our clinic. "Ginultramed" is a good choice for those who need competent medical care at a reasonable price. Many residents of the Left Bank and nearby suburbs (Boryspil, Brovary) have been convinced of this long ago. We do not believe that high-quality diagnostics and treatment should necessarily be expensive, so the majority of our patients are people with an average income.

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